Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Infinite Challenge, Korea’s number one variety show, is set to spice up their upcoming episode with a special appearance by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. Set to air on Saturday, 13 August at 8pm
, viewers of Oh!K (Astro Ch. 394) will be able to catch the South Korean icon alongside actors Kim Hye Soo and Lee Je Hoon as they whip-up an entertaining episode.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Elaine Yiu shared photo of herself and the dog

Actress Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) has always been fond of dogs and she treats it as an accident despite bitten by her dog earlier. A few days ago on Instagram, Elaine shared photo of herself and the dog, and left a message: "Let me give you a kiss first~"

Source: ON.CC (HK)
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Sonija Kwok wishes to have baby next year

Artiste Sonija Kwok (郭羨妮) becomes the host of a television show and during the interview, she expressed it had been a long time since she acted as host. When asked if she had many questions as a mother as the show was related to children' health, Sonija replied her daughter had poo poo, stuffed nose and refused to do homework problems, but she emphasised she was not an anxious mother and will use soft methods to persuade her to do homework.

When mentioned about some parents believed they needed to win ejaculation before the children, Sonija felt it was exaggerating: "It will happen naturally and we should be happy when the baby is born. My heartbeat jumps faster when the reporters tell me that."

Sonija added that her daughter wished to learn ballet, gymnastics and Taekwondo. Asking if she wished to give birth to another baby, Sonija responded she hoped to give birth next year: "How can I have baby as my hubby is filming drama in Mainland China? My daughter hopes to have a sibling and they can play together."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
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Raymond Lam tries to spend more time with his girlfriend, Karena Ng

Actor Raymond Lam (林峯) was promoting his new song, Pang Guan Zhe Bei (旁觀者悲) at radio station and expressed he had new songs when rehearsing his concert earlier but lacked of time to promote it. Hence, he was choosing new songs and hoping to bring a different style and breakthrough to his fans.

Raymond disclosed he will be filming series in Mainland China in July for 3 months and continuing another 2 dramas. Thus, his workload was arranged until mid year 2017 and he will start his world tour concert after that. When mentioned about netizens commented it was a pity that Raymond did not film Heart of Greed III (溏心風暴3) series, he praised the cast team was outstanding: "The story line will be different and there will be new chemistry."

Asking if he will spend more time with his girlfriend, Karena Ng (吳千語) lately as he will be filming drama in Mainland China for 3 months, Raymond said: "We still have to eat and I could not eat more when preparing my concert earlier." When asked if he gained weight, Raymond replied he gained 10 pounds weight and will continue to exercise in gym.

Source: ON.CC (HK)
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Angelababy hopes to become a man in the next lifetime

Angelababy attended the press conference as spoke person in Xiamen (廈門) and when asked about making baby plan, she replied she will try to become a mother quickly: "I have no idea and will try to become a mother quickly. As she is famous for having a 'male' character, Angelababy hoped to become a man in next lifetime: "I wish to experience for having muscular body and long legs."

As Aaron Kwok's (郭富城) girlfriend, Moka Fang (方媛) was present at the same event and when asked about their marriage plan, she said: "We are currently focusing on our careers and marriage thought does not cross our minds yet."

Source: ON.CC (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal

Miriam Yeung wishes son have a happy childhood

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of a flagship cake shop. Miriam revealed that her son Torres is multi-talented since he goes to cooking class, learns how to draw, and learns to sing and dance. Speaking of TVB variety program, "The Treadmill Runner" (沒有起跑線?), the reporter told Miriam about parents commenting that nowadays children don't triumph when they start to move but it's when they are given birth. After listening, she feels that it is unhealthy and exaggerative to think of it that way, she said: "It was already a lot when I got to choose the day to give birth to Torres. When I gave birth to Torres, I didn't do it based on the school enrollment period, which is why he wasn't born in June. I would want to coordinate with Hong Kong's enrollment process but I also want my son to have a happy childhood when he is 3-5 years old. Health and happiness will cultivate a better attitude and eventually benefit learning."

Miriam revealed that after she finishes the three films she have on hand, she plan on having another child next year. It doesn't matter whether the child is a boy or girl, or whether she will be able to conceive successfully; she will let everything happen naturally.

Model Kathy Chow (周汶錡) also attended the event and was asked about good friend Christine Ng's (伍詠薇) husband being caught having an affair. She expressed that she has already texted Christine and that she will let Christine respond to the rumors herself.

Source: Ming Pao (HK)
Translated by: chaierie @ Asian E-News Portal
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